Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The unwritten rules of a commuter train..

 WARNING: I wrote this post yesterday evening in an over tired pissy humour!!!

I write this post sitting on the train with why I can only describe as an outsider on board.. By outsider I mean someone who clearly doesn't get the train after 6pm on a weekday... If he did he would know that it is simply not acceptable to play your music out loud on your phone, or game noises for that matter, he would also bloody well know that the whole flipping carriage doesn't need to hear your phone conversation! I don't care why your doing this weekend and I know by the looks he is getting from fellow passengers he might not make it to the weekend if he keeps this craic up..

Another thing that is an unwritten rule is that you don't make a nose dive for a seat beside someone when there are a shed load of other seats free, which is a rare occurence, almost treat on a commuter train home...

Please don't eat your smelly KFC or whatever the hell chicken it is on the train, most of us are starving waiting to get home after a long day in work. Small snacks are acceptable FYI..

If your texting please turn your message tone down, your not in school no need to prove to us all how popular you are receiving 100,000 txt messages!!

And last but no means least, under no circumstances must you engage in 'friendly' conversation with a stranger.. If someone has headphones in their era this is pretty much a sign that says do not engage in conversation with me.. Even if you know the person a polite nod or wave will do, I almost guarantee they have spotted you and have been secretly praying to the powers novel that you don't stop to have an awkward conversation with them.

Oh yeh btw it is NEVER cool to clip your nails in public never mind on a hot sweaty train you disgusting individual, hang your head in shame!!

If your are new to the commuting game these simple unwritten rules are a great guide to start with.. Please have some consideration for this of us out of bed before 6am with a long ass commute to work and don't get home until after 7pm each night!! When you have been in the commuting game for a while I'm sure you will have a few more rules of your own to add to the list.

If you are as narky a commuter as I am please do share with me what really gets under your skin on the train/bus (I was gonna include the luas but sure that's in a bloody league of its own)..

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Quick life update!

Just thought I’d give a quick update as to what has been happening since I moved home just over a month ago! If this is your first time reading, Welcome!, and so that you know what I’m on about I was living in London for just over a year and didn’t gel with the place at all!

Moving back to Ireland was one of the best decisions I have made. Without a shadow of a doubt we (me & the BF) are ten times happier at home with our friends and family (and woofy) than we were in miserable old London (no offence Londoners!).

I will admit that when I first got home it was very surreal moving back in with the parents and not living with himself, and I was probably a moody bitch for the first two weeks. I seemed to be dwelling on not having a job even though I was only back in the blooming country a wet week.

I didn’t know how I was gonna feel about moving back in home, and I suppose all my thoughts were selfish, but now that I’m back home a few weeks I feel more like I should of been thinking along the lines of how I would cramp the parentals style rather than them cramping mine!

I was fully determined to get a job ASAP and got up every day at a reasonable hour and instead of just applying online, I actually posted out some CV’s. In order to keep myself sane I made note of everything I was applying for so that I could look back and follow up etc etc. I was lucky enough, well actually no I won’t say lucky, I was so determined I managed to get a full time permanent job within two weeks of being home. In a country that is up shit creek without a paddle I am over the moon to have gotten this position. I really believe that it wasn’t just luck though (and that is not to sound patronising or obnoxious) I went in to that interview and gave it 100% with the attitude that I can do this job really well and was determined, it paid off. Have some self belief.

I started the job about three weeks ago and the first week was a bit of a struggle cause I’m back on good old reliable (falls off the chair laughing) Irish public transport. I’ve had a good talk to myself though and it hasn’t taken me long to figure out that things are already better over here than they were in the UK. 

I feel like a new person (as cringy as that sounds) in the past two weeks at least. I’m loving being at home with my family and friends. It’s so nice to be able to go out for a drink and dinner and not worry about money. I have high hopes for 2013. I’m gonna work my arse off; get myself a new car, braces on the toothens and a sun holiday next year!! I WILL ACHIEVE THIS!!! Also looking at doing a part time masters!

As weird as it has been not living with himself, the break is gonna do us the world of good as living in ONE  room for the past 6 months has driven us both mad!! We hope to be in our own place for Christmas and make a fantastic new start to 2013. 

Home really is where the heart is, and in this case where I am most happy!

Có xxx

2013 Spring Music Madness

In case I didn’t mention it before (which I’m certain I have) I am a HUGE Biffy Clyro fan so needless to say when I opened my emails last night and saw ‘Tour Dates Announced’ I nearly hit the roof with excitement.  However I must admit that I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a more ‘intimate’ gig in somewhere like the Olympia but I’m still gonna be in the O2 with bells on!! They play Dublin 28th March and tickets go on sale this Friday, or if your signed up to their website they have presale tomorrow at 9am.

For all you secret cheesy pop addicts the girls are back!! YES you heard me right, Girls Aloud have come back with a bang, their new song is cheestastic and I LOVE it. Give it a listen at high volume!! They are touring UK and Ireland for their 10th anniversary and I for one am sure it will be amaze!! They play the O2 on March 16th, bit of a Paddy’s day warm up me thinks!! 

Last but not least, Bloc Party are also making a come back. ‘Like drinking poison, like eating glass’... God I love this band, have seen them a couple of times and they have not disappointed. Tickets are already on sale for their Olympia dates 12/13th Feb 2013 priced between €33 and €44.

If there are any of you who don’t have cash at the moment to buy tickets but are desperate to go, keep an eye out on closer to the time and you may pick some up then!!

Any other gigs I'm missing out on?????

Có xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Professional Make Up - Worth the money?

I was a bridesmaid a couple of weeks ago and the B2B booked a professional makeup artist for the day.

I was a bit dubious at the start about her splashing the cash for all the bridesmaid, and kinda got in the frame of mind ah sure I'll do my own and we'll be grand.

J booked the MUA who works for MAC in Limerick, and she came to Kinnity on the day of the wedding and transformed us all. I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror, I'm not one to blow my own horn but my oh my I thought my face looked smashing!!!

So to answer the question in the title of the post - most def worth the money. The MUA did things with contouring I never imagined. The makeup lasted all day, was completely non transfer, and just general amazingness!!!

I will find out the MUA's details for anyone who is interested, I'd highly recommend her!!!

Skin Matters; The Body Shop

I recently blogged, here, about how bad my skin has been, and how its affecting my self confidence. In search of a natural solution for my skin problems on my face, I wandered in to my local The Body Shop for a little nosey.

The sales consultant, Shirley, (The Body Shop Newbridge) was so nice and informative. I told her my skin issues, and immediately she told me to back away from the tea tree, that it would dry out my whole face rather than just target the areas I needed to target.

I was directed toward the seaweed range of facial products. Shirley (you'd swear I was bezzie mates) told me it would help draw out all the impurities from my skin in a gentle manor and help keep it in good condition after. She also warned me it would probably get worse before it got better, which I expected anyway.

I plan on going into a detailed review of the products in approx two months and tell if they are amazing therefore I wont go in to too much detail now.

Here's what I did pick up though, along with three samples she kindly gave me, which I will purchase if I like them!!

I was so excited I wanted to throw them all on my face in the one go!! :)

Top L-R Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge, Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion
Bottom L-R Seaweed Exfoliating Wash, Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, Warming Mineral Mask

The Bill:
Facial Wash €10.95 / £8
Moisturiser €16.50 / £11
Sponge €4.95 / £4

Any of you using The Body Shop skincare range?? Let me know what its like!!

Có x

Teenage skin at 26....

I've been having skin issues for the last year or so, particularly bad on my back and shoulders which really gets me down, at least you can cover up your face with make up, but having to buy particular styles of clothes due to not wanting people to see my poor red skin, well frankly its not doing anything for my body confidence.

I had the usual acne problems associated with being a teenager back in the day, but that all cleared up there a few years back and i thought yay finally spot, apart from the odd one at that time of the month! I decided to get the contraceptive bar in my arm about a year and a half ago, and without going in to it in detail it sent my body haywire. One of the shittiest side effects being acne, out of control acne, big red sore horrible covering my back and shoulders acne (you getting the picture)!!!

Needless to say I got it taken out only a few months after it was in but since then, it hasn't disappeared. It was really upsetting me, and I went to the doc to find out what to do. She prescribed me some anti-bacterial meds and a cream to put on them. It cost me approx €130 for 3 months of tablets, but after seeing zero results from the cream and tablets, and them making me feel sick I gave up on them, with the thinking that stop putting shit in to my body and it might clear up on its own.

I tried, on the advice of a lovely pharmacist, was La Roche Posay Effeclar. She gave me the samples instead of forking out on things that may not agree with me. This, she told me, was what some dermatologists were recommending to people with acne prone skin instead of taking meds all the time. I was so flipping excited, but not so excited a week later when my skin was in ribbons. It was in a worse state than ever, and I felt like I was after having a chemical peel or something, extremely dry, itchy, sore, just general yukiness. Thank god I didn't but the whole lot.

Moved on to Vichy Normaderm then a while after cause I had seen roaring reviews all over the blogging world. You can read my full review here but to give you the lowdown it made zero difference to my skin.

Here I am nearly 8 months, no tablets, creams etc and I'M NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. Still feeling like shit with the condition of my skin. As I said above my face I can cover up with foundation, but I really don't want to have to do this, I want to get to the bottom of it, and fix it!!

I found myself staring at all the skincare in Boots for ages yesterday, and nearly bought Effeclar cause I was desperate for something to work. I left the shop with nothing but wandered in to The Body Shop thinking au natural was possibly the way to go! (I don't want this post to be a million pages long so I have done a separate post on what I picked up in there here. )

As for the bacne issue, (that word makes me feel a little bit sick in my mouth), I'm gonna go back to the doctor and see what she can do for me, if it means trying different tabs I am willing to try that at this stage. I don't want to feel like this next summer and I am determined to get rid of it forever.

If you have had the same issue and have found a magical solution please please please share the wealth. Or if you have any advice in general please let me know. I'm really interested in trying herbal methods but I've no idea where to even start.

Lets hope the next time I update this, I will prancing around in backless dresses with no make up on!! :)

Có xx