Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dove Difference

  A few weeks ago I attended the Dove Difference event in the Merrion Hotel thanks to Sarah @ Thinkhouse PR.

Dove were showcasing their new products in four seperate 'stations' as such. Carter Beauty were also on hand to give mani's and there was a hairdresser to show us how to get a 60 second upstyle!

First off I had my skin tested for moisture levels, they were ok suprisingly!! But after applying some moisturiser I was tested again and the level of moisture increased.
"Dove contains unique deep care complex. The lotions even deliver nutrients in your skin for ten days"

Next stop was hair care. I have always loved dove hair products it reminds me of holidays for some reason!! I was matched to color radiance care which holds 'unique technologies' which keeps your hair looking vibrant for up to ten weeks ~ yes please! I was really impressed by the masks they have introduced; 1. intensive repair 60 second treatment shot - 'offers damage recovery and instatnt deep nourishment in just 60 seconds'  and 2. intensive repair self warming hair mask - 'restores hair at the deepest layers to leave it shiny, strong, and more resiliant'

Rub a dub dub three men in a tub! So soaps, shower gel, and bath foam was next up and we had a very scientific dude demonstrate to us the difference in dove soap and regular soap. I'm not really sure of the ins and outs but Dove soap is always a winner, its the only soap i can wash my face with that doesnt dry it out.

Last stop was a quick talk on the compressed deodrants we are seeing advertised all over the television. 'the range has been develpoed to last just as long as previous 150ml deodrants'. It is more environmentally friendly and smoother on the skin. Perfect for hand luggage!!

The lovely goodies!
As you can see above Dove were more than generous, and for that reason I havent gotten around to trying everything out but here is what i have tried out and loved/loving:

RRP €3.76

Really impressed with this, not a fan of sprays cause they choke me but its actually pleasent!

RRP €6.49

The smell of this stuff makes me wanna eat it all up (I wont though)!! I am CRAP at moisturising my body. It annoys me when you are sticky and have to wait to put on your clothes. Well not with this one lads and lassies, its fecking smashing. The smell is soooo good everyone in my house commented on 'whats the yummy smell'.

RRP €4.99

If you read my Mane n Tail review you will know my poor hair is in bots after it. I have been using this two phase leave in conditioner after washing with head and shoulders and I have to say the shine I get off my hair from it is really great. I can get a comb through no bother at all too which is a relief, no more tangles = no more tantrums!

A shower gel is a shower gel in my honest opinion. This one smells good so I will def be getting another when it is all gone.

RRP €3.99

The hand cream has the Devine seal of approval. The whole family is loving this and it has taken prided place in the sitting room where everyone can use it. It doesn't give your hands that horrible greasy feeling and makes them feel oh so soft.
Are you a Dove fan?
Có x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

What’s your hurry?–License to kill….

I watched a programme last night on BBC 3 ‘License to Kill’ . Sophie Morgan was 18 when she crashed her car at speed and was left paralysed. 10 years on she is exploring why road traffic collisions are the single biggest killer of young people in the UK.

Sophie spoke to people who have seen their lives transformed forever in just an instant and tries to grasp why a fifth of new drivers will crash within a year of passing their test. She also followed a number of cases from the scene of the accident through to eventual recovery, or resolution in the courts and had behind the scenes access to emergency services.

When I was 18 I thought that I was untouchable, none of the bad things in the world would happen to me, or any of my friends. I didn't care about people driving recklessly, I probably thought it was cool at some stage. This careless attitude is the main reason people speed in their cars/on their bikes. They feel they will not be the ones to ever crash their car, they think they are in control, they think its ok to drive double the limit because they can handle the car.

Well the statistics and evidence is out there. You can’t control your car at high speed, or take bends at high speed, or pay full attention when texting your mate, you will more than likely kill/seriously injure yourself or another. 

How do we change this attitude, is it a matter of scaring the s##t out of people when they are learning to drive, or so we show them the devastation, or do we educate them more on how to handle themselves on the road, be able to deal with the unexpected. Are TV adverts enough? I really don’t know. After speaking to a friend of mine we came to the conclusion that we should have had some sort of talk in school about road safety, and namely on how not to be an idiot on the road. 

I was so upset and angry after watching this programme last night. The reason it hit home so hard is because a very good friend of mine was killed in a car accident, I won’t go in to specifics, but lets just say that the night I got that call will forever be in my mind, and the sheer devastation that followed is something I will never be able to comprehend. When you lose someone in an accident you go through so many different states of mind from anger to sadness to confusion. You become aware of more things on the road than you have before because you never want to feel that way again in your life. You feel angry at anyone you see driving in a stupid way on the road, you finally understand how important seat belts are.

I can’t put in to words how passionate I am about this issue. If you are driving a car YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own life and that of your passengers. You are the one that has to ensure they put their belt on, if they won’t then tell them to get out of your car. Simple. Don’t ever drink and drive, there is no excuse, if you do, I hope you get caught and banned off the road before you kill someone. Put your phone away, if you’re looking at your phone, you’re not looking at the road, its pretty straight forward, unless texting your friend is more important than your own life?

If you’re reading this and are still thinking ah sure I’ll fly around the roads, it wont happen to me… COP ON and SLOW DOWN…. It will happen…. You will hurt somebody, you will cause devastation to a family, and you will be responsible so I hope you have a big set of shoulders to carry that around on for the rest of your life…. 

Don’t let it get that far…. What is the big hurry after all?

Watch this programme on the BBC player it will make you realise how precious life is.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wedding Wednesday:Capture your special day.

So you will probably have guessed by the title of this post, I'm looking at photography today.

Last week I featured local cake designer Paula of Pic n Mix Cakes, and I would like to continue with the theme of 'support local, buy irish' showing you all the excellent work of local photographer Mark McGuire.

Just over 5 years agoMark decided to invest in a professional Canon to play around with, but what he wasn't expecting was to be asked to photograph a wedding so soon. In his own words he stumbled through the wedding, struggling with timing and confidence.

We sometimes forget that the photographer is very much in the lime-light and more often than not, the co-ordinator at weddings. The priest looks to the photographer for his cue to start, as do the musicians, the bride, and everyone else present.
Thankfully (for all involved) Mark's first wedding was a success and through word of mouth a lot of enquiries cames his way.

Mark invested quite a bit of money on online tutorials (www.phlearn.com being one source for all you up and coming photographers) and also enrolled in a photography Diploma. Mark didn't complete this however as he felt he knew most of the information through
the online tutorials he had purchased.

'I feel I will be learning about photography for the rest of my life and that there is never going to be a point where I'll be able to say I know everything'

Customer service is for Mark is the crux of his business. A happy client will reap much more rewards than thousands spent advertising in papers and magazines.

It is apparent that Mark loves his job, and feels its his calling. In his opinion wedding photographers get to be part of one of the best days in most peoples lives, capture moments from that day for them forever, and allow them the opportunity to re-live those happy moments every time they look at their pictures.

5 years on and Mark has established a successful business, with wedding bookings until 2015. If you like what you see and would like to see even more of this excellent work, head over to Marks facebook page. All of his contact details are available here too so if your tying the knot in the near future keep him in mind.

Hard work pays off kids, so if you are a budding photographer why not follow in his steps and who knows, in the near future you may be his competition!!

As always I love to read your comments,

Có x

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'Its alright not to feel ok'

Depression and suicide are both issues that are very prevalent in the media at present due a huge increase in teenage suicide in particular. 

Having never experienced a suicide in my life I am not at all aware of the devastation it leaves behind, nor am I aware of the head space one must be in to experience suicidal thoughts, but it is something I still struggle to get my head around. Why can't/don't people reach out and get help when they are feeling this low ~ Are we as a society still stigmatizing depression?

The song below which is being used to campaign Cycle for Suicide has a very apt line  
"its alright not to feel ok"

It is OK to feel shitty, to feel like nothing is going right, but you do not need to suffer alone, so please don't. 

No matter how insignificant you think you are in this big world I can guarantee someone's world would be torn apart if you were no longer in it.

Help is out there, the first (and hardest step I'd imagine) is reaching out for it. 

As I said I am no expert, and I hope I am not coming across as patronizing in anyway, I am just so sad reading stories every day of another person taking their own life when we as a society may have been able to prevent it.

Reach out whether it be to a social network friend, to a teacher/lecturer, friend, sibling, parent.... Reach out....

Có x

Samartians - 1850 60 90 90
1 life - 1800 247 100

Friday, 19 April 2013

I can't get no sleep...

Every morning when I check my twitter feed it seems to be full of people (some of you lot prob) that can’t sleep,  that have been awake all night, have been pacing the floors, and pulling their hair out trying to get some shut eye.

Well someone I know was in the same boat a while back, which resulted in a zombie like state during the day, feeling shitty and a little bit crazy!! After doing a lot of research online, and asking advice from the lovely ladies over on beaut.ie, I managed to come up with these few tips that resulted in them having very nice sleeps for the most part.

sourced: toonpool.com

Stop worrying; if your mind is active you will be in overdrive getting in to bed. Write out a list of the things that are worrying you/ playing on your mind and the possible solutions; this way they are off your mind as such. Leave the list in a different room so that you’re not reading it over and over in bed!!

Cut out caffeine; drink your last cup of tea an hour or two before bed, and simply forget about the coffee. If you can replace them both throughout the day with green tea/camomile tea etc. then do so.

Take the TV out of the bedroom; not only will watching something on the television keep your mind going, apparently the rays that are emitted from a tele are not good for you at all, so get rid. The bedroom is for sleeping, you need to associate it with sleep, not tele.

Quit the social networking: Just because you have taken the tele out doesn’t mean its ok to spend hours on facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube etc. etc. Get yourself an alarm clock so you’re not relying on your phone as an alarm. Leave it somewhere that it is out of reach so that you’re not checking it every time you roll over.  

No comp/tablet: Same reasons as above, leave the computers and tablets out of the room altogether.

Lavender: Get your paws on some lavender drops, we put some on the pillow, it helps soothe you in to a sleep as such.

Valerian Root: this a flowering plant, that has a sedative effect as such. You can get valerian tea which is a good replacement for your regular tea and drink before bed. The other option is to get a natural sleep enhancer tablet in a health shop that contains valerian. Naturasleep were the ones I picked up. You take one of these about a half hour before you intend on going to bed, and bobs your uncle!

Get your arse out of bed: If you haven’t slept all night, this is no excuse to stay in bed all day. You need to establish a routing. Set an alarm and get up at the time it goes off. If you are on a day of work, you still need to have some sort of routing.

Exercise: It doesn’t matter what excuse you find yourself coming up with not to exercise, it has been proven over and over again to aid with sleep/rest. Get yourself out for a walk, run, cycle, swim and you will feel the benefits.

Natural Daylight: It is important for the body to feel the sun (not that there is a lot in Ireland) and get some air, so get yourself outside at lunch time even if it is for a few minutes.

Relax: Do something that relaxes you before bed like reading a book, or listening to music. 

I’m no expert on this subject by any means but these are the things that helped get this person get back in to a regular sleeping pattern, so it’s no harm to give them a try.

I hope you manage to see the sandman and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

Có x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Body Positive – STOP putting yourself down..

As a general rule us women seem to be more than willing to put ourselves down, and mainly re: the way we look. I for example do not know how to take a compliment at all, like it embarrasses the hell out of me, instead of just saying thank you, I always counteract the compliment with a silly comment like ‘ah sure i just threw it on’, or ‘are you kidding, the state of me sure’. We all do it, and I know we do cause when I pay someone a compliment I get the very same reactions.

Well I think its about high time we gave ourselves a break and started to say ‘thank you’ when someone pays us a compliment. Repeat after me: THANK YOU!!!

I think after watching this video from Dove you will understand more where I am going with this, but basically STOP looking for the negative traits in yourself, they are NOT negative to the outside world. Everyone is unhappy with some part of the body/face etc., but the outside world doesn't view you this way. The outside world will notice your beautiful smile rather than that one teeny weeny spot, they will notice your amazing sense of style and not your ‘frizzy’ hair. 

Lets face it, there will always be a few aholes in the world who are more than willing to slag off people behind their backs, but they are just sad little people who are very very INSIGNIFICANT in the bigger picture. Be happy with who you are, and if that is not all of you, be happy with the bits you are happy about. I can guarantee this will radiate off you and become infectious.

Dove have done a FANTASTIC job with this and I really hope it makes a positive impact on us all. Bravo Dove, bravo!! You certainly made me rethink how I look at myself!

Stop hating/disliking yourself, and be proud of who you are.  (isn't this exactly what you would say to your friends, so take a spoon of your own medicine)

Có x

Wedding Wednesday–Let them eat cake!

Its wedding Wednesday again, and today we are looking at cakes… (be prepared to dribble)

Depending on the bride/groom a wedding cake can be an integral part of the big day. It ties in with the theme, the decor, and will look amazing in the photos for that all important ‘cutting the cake’ moment. The type of wedding cakes have changed in recent years from that familiar white iced fruit cake (which don't get me wrong I am a big fan of), but nowadays people are becoming braver with their choices and expressing a bit more of their personality in their cakes.

Instead of showing you random pictures I have sourced online I wanted to show you the local talent that is out there in our communities. All of the cakes featured in todays post are by the amazingly talented Paula McDonnell of Pic n Mix Cakes, Co. Kildare.

'support local, buy Irish'

Paula started off making cupcakes for her family, then moved on to fondant work and started making cakes as a hobby but soon realised she was bursting at the seams with talent (my words not hers). Paula develops her skills from researching online mostly but did a couple of courses, however felt they were slightly outdated. 

Creating a cake takes Paula hours and hours, and a bucket load of patience. Paula aims to have all decoration 100% edible, however sometimes there is a need for wire support. With regards the filling you can have ANY flavor sponge you like, chocolate biscuit or fruit. The decorations are fondant / sugar paste. 

I'm sure once you see the work below that you will agree that Paula’s work is creative and original, and would look stunning at any top table. 

Ok, so on to the cakes, some of which I have had the please of taste testing (don't hate me!!): 

Vintage inspired birdcage cake:
jens wedding 

Vintage chandelier:                                 


Disney theme:
chocolate biscuit
This Disney cake was done for an anniversary but could very easily be a wedding cake if you removed the numbering.

For all the princess brides out there:
princess cake

The ever popular cup cake tiers:



engaement proposal

I’m sure what you are gathering here is that Paula can throw her hand to any design/idea and make it look amazing. If you head over to Pic n Mix Cakes Facebook page (which I have linked on every photo) you will be able to see the rest of Paula’s works of art, and be sure to ‘like’ and ‘share’ her page. 

Prices for cakes vary, therefore it is best to contact Paula herself. Paula does cakes for any occasion so be sure to pop over and have a nose.  

If you are tying the knot this year and are looking to have a cake that really stands out why not give Paula a shout. (or if Kildare is too far for you, source a local cake designer)

Có x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask ~ Review

When I saw this foot mask review on beaut.ie I knew I needed one in my life so I ran along to pennys (as I tend to do every flipping Friday) and pick one up for me, mam, and the boy (he likes to be pampered)!

For your €3.50 you get two plastic sock like things, you cut off the top and slide your tootsies in, and leave for 60-90mins to bake!! Be warned the magic liquid inside is quiet cold which may bring on a fit of the giggles. If you’re going to chance walking around with them on your feet, BE CAREFUL, esp if you have wooden floors. After our 60-90 mins you rinse them off in a shower. We left ours on for 90 mins simply cause we were watching a film!

So what’s in this that actually makes the skin come off, surely it can’t be good for the skin I hear you thinking to yourself.. Well I’m no scientist (the bro got those brains)so I really do not have a notion if its good or bad for you but it gives the usual advice etc on the back, and my feet didn't fall off which is a good thing!!

Nothing happened for 4 days so don’t get disheartened (as my mam did) cause on day 4/5 you will shed your foot skin like a snake!! Your socks will be full of skin so empty them out to make sure you don’t wash the skin in!! Hahaha I can imagine anyone who hates feet is getting a little bit sick in their mouths right about now!! It’s amazing if you love peeling dead skin which I do, (you can’t beat a bit of sunburn). 

sourced from chime.in

Basically what I’m saying is this will be the best €3.50 you will ever spend on your feet. Once all the skin has shed, you will have the smoothest feet EVER. All three of us loved this product and will def be stocking up.

Let me know how you get on if you use it / have used it…

I will spare you all from the peeling skin pictures (yes we did exchange pics, vom!!)

Có x

Friday, 12 April 2013

Mane ‘n Tail Review : Should of left it for the horses!!

If you follow beauty blogs, buy magazines, or browse the internet in general you have probably stumbled across mane 'n tail, the shampoo for horses that the celebrities started using (the crazy cats that they are).

Mane ‘n Tail more recently made products for us humans, and needless to say everyone who is anyone in the hills of Hollywood was washing there gruaig with this. Sure who doesn't want shiny locks like that lot up there, so needless to say when I saw it in my local chemist I ran out the door to get it.

According to the Mane ‘n Tail website the benefits of their color shampoo are:
  • Helps maintain color treatments longer (when used before Color Protect Conditioner as a complete hair care system)
  • Micro-enriched proteins strengthen and condition, cleansing hair without stripping, which in turn, prolongs color life.
  • Unique formula contains conditioning emollients providing body, shine and manageability for healthy looking hair every time you shampoo.
  • Safe for all hair types, specially formulated for color treated hair
and conditioner are:
  • Helps maintain color treatments longer (when used after Color Protect Shampoo as a complete hair care system)
  • Micro-enriched proteins strengthen and condition while instantly detangling, helping to repair dry, damaged hair
  • Moisturizes leaving hair silky with a full bodied feel
  • Safe for all hair types, specially formulated for color treated hair

Well that’s what they have to say, so now on to what I have to say:

The shampoo and conditioner cost 8.95 each, which is a bit over the odds for what I usually pay but I went along with it think I'd have red carpet hair at the end. The girl in the chemist advised to wash twice, a tiny bit of shampoo 1st, then wash a bigger bit in again to get sudsy and wash the gruaig.

  • ~ First of all trying to get the shampoo to get suddy was a task in itself and what she said was right, you most certainly need to do this twice to ensure you get suds. This in itself was straight away a negative, it felt like a proper effort to wash my hair.
  • ~ After rinsing the suds out, my hair felt like a knotted mess, surely the conditioner would sort this out!
  • ~ Low and behold the conditioner didn't get all the knots out, nor did it feel like it was 'conditioning' my hair, but maybe when its dry it will look amazing!
  • ~ Did it look amazing, NO! It looked like i hadn't even washed it. maybe I used too much conditioner, or didn't rinse it properly?
  • ~ I washed it without using conditioner, what a mistake, my poor hair nearly got ripped out cause it was that hard to get a comb through it.
  • ~ I washed it again using only a little bit of conditioner on the ends. Same result, greasy oily hair.
  • ~ I was so mad that I had paid €18 for these products that I continued to use it for about 2 1/2 weeks. Enough was enough last sat. My hair was full of dandruff and looked like you could fry chips in it.
  • ~ My mam also used this shampoo and conditioner and thought they were crappy so gave up after three washes.

So overall and to round up:

I am so disappointed, €18 down the pan. I'm sure that there are people out there getting along with this shampoo, so I would strongly advise you get the sample before you buy the full bottles.

Have you used this shampoo?
Are you gonna give it a go?
Wash i just unlucky that it didn't suit my hair?

I'd love to hear what you think,

Có x