Sunday, 12 January 2014

Paleo Treats

As I mentioned in my latest Fit Friday post I am trying to eat as clean as possible, but I do get cravings for nice things, so to make sure those nice things are as innocent as possible I have been looking at various paleo recipes and this weekend I had a go at making coconut buns (or cupcakes if you wanna be fancy), and energy paleo bars.

I got the coconut bun recipe from Irish Paleo Girl's wonderful blog. I was gonna list the ingredients but since its not my original recipe I think its only fair you follow the link to her blog! They were very simple to make, and took no time at all to cool. The consistency of them is very souffle-ish, they are very light, but they are really nice to taste and do not leave me with that ugh heavy feeling. The reason I picked them was because they are dairy free, gluten free, and no added sugar! NOM!

I got the paleo bar recipe from Dominic Munnelly's site and seriously it could not have been easier. They only take about two hours to chill so no cooking involved at all. They are quiet oily (don't worry its all good oils) so I would say that if your gonna bring them to work make sure to put them in tin foil and keep in a cool place or fridge if possible. They are fecking delish, I know they next time I get my sugar cravings I will be very satisfied with this healthy option. Again there is no added sugar, no gluten, but I can't be 100% sure they are completely dairy free as I know that some dark choc may have dairy trace.

Here is where I picked up the ingredients for these delish treats:
Coconut flour - Asian Food Shop
Coconut Oil - Asian Food Shop
Dessicated Coconut - Asian Food Shop
Almond Butter - Holland and Barrett or any health food store
Dark Chocolate - Lidl (70% + is good, do not go below)
Mixed Nuts - Lidl (ensure they are unsalted for them to be the healthy option)
Organic Honey - Lidl

Asian food shops are fantastic places to get your ingredients for a fraction of the price you would pay in health food shops. For e.g I paid €4 for the coconut oil, and only €4.80 for the coconut flour. If you live in/near Newbridge Co. Kildare there is a great Asian food shop up beside Joe Kellys barbers, and in Dublin there is a massive one in the Fonthill Retail Park.
Lidl do a great range of high percentage dark chocolates if you feel like changing it up a bit.

Let me know how you get on if you decide to make either of the above!

And thanks a mill Dominic and Irish Paleo Girl for the great recipes.


  1. Will definitely be trying these, thanks for the links Co! xx

  2. My hubs got big into Paleo a few years ago and he also made his own bars. I got the craving for them tonight and made a batch so I'll have something good to snack on. They are yummy...

  3. These look delicious, might try baking them in a few days. :-)


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