Friday, 23 May 2014

Wishlist: Slogan Gym Tees

So I blogged yesterday (here) about the diff pants I am wearing to the gym, 
but what I am really lacking are some good tops.

I love a good slogan tee, and wish there was someone in 
Ireland that was making these kinds of tops!

Pinterest is full of them, but a lot of the time they are coming from America 
and the postage is just way too high. 

Soooo if you know anywhere/anyone in Ireland or the UK that is making and selling slogan gym tees please let me know as I really really want/need ALL of the below!!

all images from pinterest
I'd love to see some of the slogan gym tees you are rocking or have on your wishlist too!!

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  1. Loving the Tee's with the slogans... the P+P is crazy tho!!! i had an eye out for them in Vegas last month, but no joy!! :(


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