Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Getting off the sugar rollercoaster!

I blogged a while about about linking my food habits to my skin issues, here, and I was doing really well, skin had cleared up good, was feeling better, training hard and in overall good shape! I was getting acupuncture, juicing everyday, and eating clean. 

Well over the last two/three weeks I have gone to town on eating sugary goods, I am a sugar fiend, like no self control at all, eating jellies, chocolate, biscuits, anything sweet I can get my paws on. My skin has gone haywire, it resembles teenage skin at the moment and I'm so mad at myself that I let it get this bad.

My sugar cravings get ridiculous. I become a demented person, and all I can think about is how to get my paws on more. I know every part of me suffers when I get like this but I get so obsessed that I don't care!

After feeling pretty down about my skin, last week myself and a friend decided enough was enough and we were gonna sort this pattern out once and for all. We are gonna keep each other in line and keep track of our food each day, share recipes and ideas too. We sat down on Sunday and did out shopping lists, and then went yesterday and got our bits and pieces. 

As well as keeping a food diary, I'll also be juicing everyday to get my chromium levels up to keep the cravings at bay. (blog post to follow about juicing)

So here is the plan for this week, starting today:
Decent breakfast every morning: e.g bacon and eggs, or banana egg pancakes
11's : Porridge bread (recipe to follow)
Lunch & Dinner : double up on dinner to have enough for lunch the following day.
Juice : Green juice every evening with dinner
Water : as much as possible, at least 2 ltrs
Snacks:  rice cakes with nut butter, fruit and good quality greek yogurt, carrots and hummus. 
Train hard every day for 5 days and on rest days foam roll and flexibility work.

I will keep you up to date with recipes I am using, how I am getting on in terms of cravings, how I am feeling in general etc.

I'm one of those annoying people who puts their food on instagram too so if you want a nose you can find me @coco_oscarwells

Wish me luck!! 



  1. I feel your sugary pain Có! I am the same, but I go and east a spoon of coconut oil instead or grab a carrot. On weekends though it all goes out the door.... stupid beer.

  2. Im the same Collen, im great for weeks and then i binge like no tomorrow on sugar. When i was younger, my breakie was a chocolate bar and coffee! Trying to get better, its an ongoing battle :).

  3. Best of luck, Co. Sugar is a hard nut to crack. I had myself convinced that I eat feck all sugar but then realised that basically all white refined carbs have it, so I've been codding myself. I've not had white bread in over a month and feel much better, and I was doing okay until I ate a penny sweet from my son and it was like crack, I almost ate the bag. Natural sugars are definitely helpful, I find frozen grapes great or frozen blueberries either. Best of luck!


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