About Me

Hi I'm Cólleen, thats pronounced Co - lean!! 

Here are a few things about me that may or may not interest you:
bearded men / tattoos / tattooed bearded men / music (the good kind) / traveling / laughing / dog walking / vintage / fashion (also the good kind)

This blog is an insight to the things that go on inside this head of mine (cue circus music) : weddings / fashion / beauty / lifestyle. 

If I can offer one piece of advice, the pronunciation of anyone's name is very important! *shakes fist at all the teachers who said it wrong over the years*

 A MAHOOOSIVE thanks for stopping by and having a wee read, hope to see you again soon!

If you would like to contact me my email is cdevine1986@gmail.com

I'm also on 


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  1. Thanks for your kind comments on my tutorial :) You have a lovely space here! :)


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